15 Child Stars Who Grew Up Into Gorgeous Adults


Most of us aspire to be like the people we admire. We have some career in our minds that we want to follow. There are others who get the chance to decide their careers at an early age. we have seen many young kids in movies and TV shows.  Now some of these kids leave this path eventually and choose some other career path while others continue in this journey to become super stars.

Listed below are pictures of 15 young kids who we all saw in TV and movies as child stars and they have now become stars with dashing personalities .Especially check Matthew Lewis our very own Neville Longbottom of Gryffindor from Hogwarts the one who killed Nagini ( Dark Lord’s Snake). He was Leader of Dumbledore’s Army then and one of the best pals of Harry potter himself and now he has turned out to be a dashing young man in his Adulthood.Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Alexa Vega

  2. 2 Amber Scott

  3. 3 Ariana Grande

  4. 4 Demi Lovato


  5. 5 Freddie Highmore

  6. 6 Jaleel White

  7. 7 Joseph Gordon Levitt

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  8. 8 Matthew Lewis

  9. 9 Mclver Ewing

  10. 10 Nicola Peltz

  11. 11 Josh Peck

  12. 12 Tania Raymonde

  13. 13 Michelle Trachtenberg

  14. 14 Alex D. Linz

  15. 15 Nicholas Hoult


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