15 Beauty and Beach Hacks for Your Perfect Girly Summer


The sun is not in the best of moods lately, and in this sweltering heat the idea of cool winds of the beach and the smoothness of its sands as the waves lap at your feet sounds nothing less than heaven. But what to do when your perfect beach style is always messed up due to all the heat and wind? 

To combat this very concern, we have made up a list of all the tips and tricks you can use to beat the sun at this game and enjoy a frizz- and worry-free day at the beach. 

Let’s start?

  1. 1 Loofah + baking soda = Instant self-tan fixer

    Self-tanner is a great way to avoid sun damage to the skin and still achieve beautiful tan. Simply mix up some baking soda with a bit of water and apply it on wet loofah. Now exfoliate your skin and wash away excess tanner. 

  2. 2 Achieve lasting color with some apple cider vinegar.

    Apple cider vinegar is insanely good for hair. If you're worried that chlorine in the pool will ruin your hair color, just pour 1/2 cup into a spray bottle and spritz your hair. Let it sit on hair for around ten minutes and then rinse it out. 

  3. 3 Use coconut oil for shinier hair.

    Before going into the pool or on the beach, apply some coconut oil on your hair. It will keep the shine in your hair for longer and protect them against beach and sun damage. 

  4. 4 Fix Dried Up Hair with Avacado.

    Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

    To fix hair that has been dried up under the sun, mix one ripe avocado with a tablespoon of honey and coconut oil each, blend it with an egg in the blender and make a paste. Gently apply it from mid-shaft to ends and leave it on for 20 minutes. Now rinse.

  5. 5 Replace deodrant with baby powder.

    Baby powder is extremely mild in nature and is made from cornstarch. To prevent odour and wetness and dry patches of deodorant, just use some baby powder on your underarms.

    You can also use it dry shampoo for your hair, to remove sand from the skin, and to put in your shoes if your feet tend to sweat and smell.

  6. 6 Use potato and sea salt for your feet.

    Coat a half-cut potato in coarse sea salt and scrub it on your feet as a natural exfoliator. 

  7. 7 Use aloe vera for sunburn.

    Soothe your burns away by rubbing some aloe vera gel on the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then gently rinse. You can also use aloe gel directly from the plant. 

  8. 8 Create your own foundation.

    Your days on the beach can give you varying shades of tan during the whole summer. To avoid buying a different shade of foundation every time you head to the beach, simply use your liquid bronzer and mix it with a bit of your foundation. Blend it till you get the shade that matches your skin, and voila. A new shade of foundation every time you need it.

  9. 9 Use BB/CC cream instead of foundation

    Avoid the use of heavy foundations in this heat to keep the skin problems at bay. Instead, use lighter coverage products like BB or CC creams for even skin tones (BB creams) and color corrections (CC creams).

  10. 10 Keep your nail polish in the fridge.

    Summers aren't a good time to keep your make up lying around in the house under this heat. Keep things refrigerated. Nail polishes, especially, can go bad in their pots and develop bubbles. To avoid it, keep them in the fridge and enjoy smoother, even applications every time. 

  11. 11 Coffee Ice Cubes

    To enjoy instant iced tea and avoid the watered-down version, prepare your tea/coffee and pour the liquid into the ice trays. That way you won't have to put ice into your drinks and it won't get watered down.

  12. 12 Treat dry scalp with yogurt.

    Itchy scalp can be a real bother. Treat it with a doze of two crushed aspirins mixed in a bit of water along with some Greek yogurt. Mix all the ingredients and your instant hair mask is ready. Moisturize your scalp with this mixture and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Now simply wash and condition your hair. 

  13. 13 Protect your phone.

    Keep your phone from getting wet or simply washed away by the waves, by locking it up in a plastic ziplock bag.

  14. 14 Use tooth brush to tame frizz.

    Spritz some hairspray onto the toothbrush and use it to comb the tiny strands and frizz away from face and in place.

  15. 15 Sweat-proof your skin using deodrant.

    Sweat can make the tiny hairs around your nape and forehead stick to your skin and it can be quite irritating. Avoid it by applying deodorant around your neck so the area won't sweat and the hair won't get plastered all over your face. 


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