15 Animals Who are Acting Like Real Jerks

  1. 1 I’m the one who should eat that! I’m a growing pup

  2. 2 What? I’m claustrophobic... so I panicked a little... you know that feeling that you’re trapped... it could happen to anyone

  3. 3 You should never take your eyes off the cat... even if that book is extremely fascinating

  4. 4 It wasn’t pretty anyway... I’m just helping you say goodbye

  5. 5 What else do you need paper towels for?


  6. 6 I saw this sandwich first!

  7. 7 What can be more interesting than me?

  8. 8 When the chef adds his final mark to make the cake just perfect

  9. 9 I wonder what will happen if

  10. 10 It’s even more fun than LEGOs, you should just give it a chance. Try to make something new.

  11. 11 When I came in, it was already like that.

  12. 12 Why can’t I enjoy life like him? Wait a second... I can!

  13. 13 I don’t care if you’re not hungry, I spent two hours cooking this!

  14. 14 The “cat in your eyes” asana.

  15. 15 You can’t lock me up, I’m unstoppable!


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