22 People Who Nailed It With Their Sense of Humour


Some people have an awesome sense of humor; it all comes effortlessly to them. The best part is that they use their humor shamelessly, perhaps that’s what makes it so great in the first place. 


Ever seen a couple of hot chicks building a pyramid for a photo on a beach? Well if you did, did you think of doing what the guy in the 8th photo did? Probably not. It calls for guts baby, and not everyone has them. Listed in this post are photos of people with an awesome and shameless sense of humor, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 When she ignores you so you decide to photo bomb her probable profile picture

  2. 2 When kid's are finally going back to school

  3. 3 He totally nailed this Kendall Jenner photo. In fact, we think he did it better than she did.

  4. 4 Perfect place to bake cookies


  5. 5 My sister lost her phone at a bar. This is what my mom sent her when she asked for a replacement.

  6. 6 Our moms mocked our selfie at the dodger game

  7. 7 Donatello, is that you?

  8. 8 Pyramid Scheme

  9. 9 A coworker put this on my Keurig.

  10. 10 People at the traffic signal would love this

  11. 11 Had to do it for the sake of good manners

  12. 12 Cut Here!

  13. 13 Mom, our Christmas tree is broken!

  14. 14 Fashion Trend of 2018: Hairy Bikini Top

  15. 15 Ba na na?

  16. 16 My buddy has a good sense of humour

  17. 17 The only deserving candidate

  18. 18 When sharing isn't your favorite thing to do

  19. 19 My girlfriend's mom is pretty awesome

  20. 20 Quick on the Draw

  21. 21 Someone saw this opportunity and nailed it

  22. 22 Way to go Mark!


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