13 Tips to Make Your Fingernails and Toenails Look Fabulous


In our daily skincare routines, we tend to forget to give special treatment to the nails. Yet, they may be the ones that need some extra care. You literally cannot rock your fashionista avatar with poorly tended nails that are prone to breaking and peeling. 

With summer’s heat and the sun upon us, and many days on the beach planned, it is essential that we include some nail-time in our daily routines, and give them the love they deserve!

  1. 1 Keep them clean.

    That's just basic hygiene. You have to keep your hands and feet clean and tidy all the time. Wash them every day. Hydrate them with a good moisturizer and include their care in your daily skincare regimen.

  2. 2 Don't bite them or pick or peel.

    Nail biting is just plain gross, seriously. And picking them or using your nails to peel layers off of other nails just destroys them all. Strictly avoid all these habits and start taking care of them.

  3. 3 Keep your hands and feet moisturized.

    Moisturization is the key. You can't achieve healthy, glowing, supple skin without investing in a good moisturization routine. Same stands true for nails. Nails need a lot of hydration, so make sure you are moisturizing your hands and feet daily. You can use skincare products for it or simply use natural means like olive oil or coconut oil.

  4. 4 Keep them dry and wear gloves.

    the kitchn

    Keeping your fingernails and toenails moisturized and hydrated doesn't mean that you have to keep them near water. In fact, you have to make sure that you keep them dry, and avoid prolonged exposure to water by wearing gloves. Socks will keep your feet nice and dry and your toenails healthy in winters. In summers, always dry your feet after a shower or swimming. Never wear same shoes several days in a row. Remember that too much water is bad for your nailbeds so keep them dry.

  5. 5 Apply clear nail polish.

    Clear nail polish is a blessing for brittle nails. Similarly, you can use nail hardeners for thin nails.

  6. 6 Trim your toenails regularly.

    Girls usually take care of their fingernails regularly but somehow deprive toenails of the same love.  Make sure you are trimming your toenails regularly. Always cut them in a straight line and never round the corners. That can give birth to ingrown nails which can be extremely painful.

  7. 7 Massage your hands and feet.

    Regularly massage your hands and feet, taking care of your finger and toenails. Feet literally take all our weight all day long and they deserve a lot of rest and care. At the end of the day, put your feet up to keep them from swelling. Massage them with a good moisturizer to let the blood flow. Also, massage your hands and give individual attention to each finger. Massage on the nails too.

  8. 8 Drink lots of water!

    As the basic rule of a good skincare and health routine, drinks lots and lots of water. Not only it will give your body's hydration in check it will also make your skin soft, your internal organs working and your hands and feet strong and healthy.

  9. 9 Occasionally soak your feet.

    Give your feet a nice soak every now and then. Fill a small tub with warm water. Put in a few drops of olive oil or sea salt. Mix it and soak in your feet for ten minutes. Again, make sure your feet aren't exposed to water for too long because it'll wrinkle the skin and make the nails weak.

    Another good feet soak recipe is to take a little shower gel, mix in a few drops of your favourite essential oil and add 4-5 tbsp of baking soda. Mix it all and soak in your feet for 8-10 minutes. Take your feet out of the water and file the dead skin away. Never do it while your feet are in the water because it can cause infections.

    Afterwards, dry them properly and rub some good moisturizer.

  10. 10 Scrub them often.

    Invest in a good sea salt or sugar scrub and use it regularly on your hands and feet. It will remove dead skin layers and build up of dirt and other particles on the skin, leaving it soft and supple.  It will also clean up the nails properly and give them a natural shine. 

  11. 11 Never cut the cuticles!

    This is one of the most harmful things you can do to your nails. Not only it can cause infections, it can also cause ingrown nails - a condition where the nail starts to grow inwards. And it is as painful as it sounds. 

    When you are cleaning your nails, always wash and dry them. Then use a cuticle stick to push back the cuticles and expand your nailbed.

  12. 12 Treat yourself with a professional manicure and pedicure.

    Every once in a while, treat yourself and your nails with a professional manicure and pedicure. Just lay back and let someone else pamper you for a while.

  13. 13 Use biotin supplements


    Biotin supplements are known for making your hair and skin healthy and glowing. It hardens hair roots, keeps the nail strong and healthy and the skin soft and supple. You can use biotin supplements to increase nails strength and growth.


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