13 Times This Artist Merges Disney Heroes With Villains and Results are Perfect


If you are into contemporary art techniques, you must have heard about hybrids or hybrid art. It’s a new kind of modern art in which you can merge any two things together as one. Some people are champions of making hybrid art and the artist, who goes by the name Dada, is certainly one of them. He’s quite a professional in his genre and that’s why his work speaks for itself.

He loves to draw all sorts of subjects using all kinds of different mediums. His core strength in creating art is combining different Disney characters into one. He either draws one half depicting the heroes who are good and the other half as evil villains, showcasing good versus evil or infuses different versions of the same character into one drawing. His work has attracted over 81,000 fans on his Instagram account alone.


In this post, we have listed some of our favorite photos from his collection in which the artist merged Disney heroes with villains. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

  1. 1 Snow White Vs The Evil Queen

  2. 2 Anna Vs Elsa

  3. 3 Aladdin Vs Jafar

  4. 4 Rapunzel Vs Mother Gothel


  5. 5 Hercules Vs Hades

  6. 6 Aurora Vs Maleficent

  7. 7 Ariel Vs Ursula

  8. 8 Mulan Vs Shan Yu

  9. 9 Tiana Vs The Shadow Man

  10. 10 Gaston Vs The Prince

  11. 11 Alice Vs The Red Queen

  12. 12 Cinderella Vs The Wicked Stepmother

  13. 13 Simba Vs Scar


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