12 Most Anticipated Disney Releases for 2019 and 2020


Disney owns, well, pretty much everything now. The studio giant has unveiled a lengthy list of release dates for its upcoming movies, both from Disney and 21st Century Fox, which is also owned by the house of mouse. And it looks like they are dishing up some big on-screen treats in the upcoming year ahead.

When the first trailer for Mulan made its way online, people were swayed. It was called “stunning” and “grand,” and then came the news of upcoming Lion King live-action remake, that took the whole internet in a spin. Oh, wait! Do you think that’s enough? Well, you are wrong my friends! From Frozen 2 to Toy Story 4, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Disney has some great surprises that could very well break the £1 billion mark at the global box office in 2019.

Scroll on to see our curated selection of all the new Disney movies you should be getting hot under the collar about! Enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Onward

    Release date: 3/6/20

    Director: Dan Scanlon

    In a world where no human lives, two elf siblings go on their mission to find out if there's magic in their surroundings.

    In the region, there's only elves, trolls, goblins and unicorns. All of these creatures are considered a plague and not treated properly.

  2. 2 Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker

    Release date: 20/12/19

    Director: J.J. Abrams

    Although the franchise hasn't given out much info yet. Critics believe that this one will be the ninth and final movie of the Saga where Rey along with other characters will confront their final challenge.

  3. 3 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    Release date: 10/18/19

    Director: Joachim Rønning

    Maleficent cursed baby Aurora, becoming her godmother. The story unfolds several years after that as their weird family ties get them into interacting with new negative forces and allies.

  4. 4 Artemis Fowl


    Release date: 8/29/20

    Director: Kenneth Branagh

    Artemis is a really smart 12-year-old kid who belongs to a family of criminals. He lives in a world where fairies need to stay hidden from the human race in order to survive. He makes a unique discovery with the help of his bodyguard.

  5. 5 The New Mutants

    Release date: 4/3/20

    Director: Josh Boone

    Fellow mutants being kept a secret facility, discover their powers. Doctor Reyes is in charge of studying these mutants and their powers. They fight against their own inner fears and dangers to find an escape.

  6. 6 Mulan

    Release date: 3/27/20

    Director: Niki Caro


    A brave young girl from China, in order to keep her sick father from serving the emperor, disguises herself as a man to fight against the armies coming from North. She's the firstborn of a famous Chinese Warrior.

  7. 7 Frozen 2

    Release date: 11/22/19

    Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

    The sequel takes Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on a journey away from home where they search for the source of Elsa's powers.

  8. 8 Ford v. Ferrari

    Release date: 11/15/19

    Director: James Mangold

    The film covers the journey of two people: An American and a British driver, who stood against the corporate norms and defied physics into successfully creating the best racing car ever created by man.

  9. 9 Ad Astra

    Release date: 9/20/19

    Director: James Gray

    An astronaut wanders through the solar system looking for his dad who went missing. His father was a scientist who threatened humanity with his ideas.

  10. 10 The Art of Racing in the Rain

    Release date: 8/9/19

    Director: Simon Curtis

    The story of a family dog called Enzo who lives his life based on the teachings of his human owner. His owner, Denny Swift, is a professional race car driver.

  11. 11 The Lion King

    Release date: 7/19/19

    Director: John Favreau

    The story of a lion cub named Simba. He's the worthy prince of African Savannah. Everything changes when his father is murdered by his uncle and he has to find an escape to save his life, meeting new friends on the way.

  12. 12 Toy Story 4

    Release date: 6/21/19

    Director: Josh Cooley

    All the toys, including Woody, take an adventurous family trip with Bonnie. A new character "Forky" meats them on the journey. It later reveals that he was created by Bonnie himself but the character doesn't really feel like a toy.


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