20 Of The Most Embarrassing Photos of Adults Who Got Stuck In a Playground


Does that ever happen to you that you go to a kids playground and your inner child tells you to take some swings or slides? Well, I think its quite natural as some of our best childhood memories are playing on the playground with our friends and family. However, just make sure you keep this in mind that you are probably three times bigger than your child self and the swing or slide you are about to try are definitely too small for you. 


People in this post forgot that fact and paid a pretty big price. Not only they got stuck and had to be rescued, somebody took a photo of their embarrassing situation and put it online for everyone to see. Scroll down and enjoy. Let us know if anything like this has ever happened to you in the comments below. 

How he even got in here?

This must be so embarrassing for him!!

I think she fell asleep in there!!

You know you are a grown up girl now!!


Lisa Appleton tried to crawl through the tunnel (Image: Aaron Parfitt)

Firefighters freed the this lady after she got wedged in the swing!!

How come someone could get stuck in this slide???

Embarrassing moment!!

Someone please pull him out!!

Two Question! How and Why??

He needs to understand now that he is too big for that swing!!

What on earth he was thinking before sitting on that swing?


At the count of 3 ..... Pull!

When you decide to use the toddler play equipment

Someone please help him

It must be her last time tried to fit in that thing!!

Why he's smiling?

She can do it!!


This cracked me up!!

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