10+ Who Wore It Better Photos That Will Make You Laugh


Fashion can be anything that anyone wants it to be. Whether it is accepted or not in society is another question.  Some people have a unique sense of fashion, they will intentionally or unintentionally replicate the designs of everyday objects in their attire such as a vase, a sandwich or even a Popsicle. It’s quite hilarious really when you do a side by side comparison of their clothes versus the objects that their clothes resemble. In this post we’ve done just that for more than 10 photos.  


Scroll down and see for yourself, who do you think wore it better?

  1. 1 Who wore it better?

  2. 2 Peter Griffin Or Rihanna?

  3. 3 Justin Bieber or a Panini?

  4. 4 Kendall Jenner Or This Ripped Seat?


  5. 5 The Lady Or the Cock?

  6. 6 Kim Kardashian or a sack of onions?

  7. 7 Lil Wayne or Gremlin With 3D Glasses?

  8. 8 The Popsicle!

  9. 9 Definitely the zebra wore it better!

  10. 10 This Model or a Duster?

  11. 11 The Weeknd or This Cat-Man?

  12. 12 Beyonce Or This Strawberry Candy?

  13. 13 Taraji P. Henson or This Broken iPhone?

  14. 14 Lady Gaga or This Patio Heater?

  15. 15 That moment Lil' Wayne became E.T.

  16. 16 Donald Trump or the corn cob?

  17. 17 Kim Kardashian or Danny DeVito’s Penguin?

  18. 18 This Lady Or Oogie Boogie !!

  19. 19 The lady or a basket!!

  20. 20 Zayn hair or ice cream?

  21. 21 Heidi Klum or a Car Wash Brush?

  22. 22 Justin Bieber Or This Baby?

  23. 23 One of us is going to have to change...

  24. 24 Perfect! LOL

  25. 25 The guy or the patty?

  26. 26 Both looking cute!

  27. 27 LFMAO!

  28. 28 Not sure. LOL

  29. 29 Similar to Nicky Minaj

  30. 30 LOL! Twins...

  31. 31 Rihanna Or Gossamer?

  32. 32 Onion wore it best. LOL


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