10+ Unexpected Photos That Will Make You Say How?


A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes we come across a photo on the interwebs that raises more questions than it answers. Pictures in this post for example really test your common sense and very hard to explain. 


How, Why, WTF and downright disbelief of what we are looking at. Check out these weird photos and let us know in the comments if any of them makes sense to you! 


How it get there?

How does this even happen?

How this man driving with Sun shades on the highway?


How it works?

Why and how did the chicken cross the Atlantic?

How he got in there??

This guy cleans the windows. 30 stories up, without any support and safety measures. How?

I think this cat grows in there!!

Rubber is for suckers, he said!

I have so many question!!

How did these coins get in there?

Car Cemetery, France. How and Why?

Car in a Skip. How?

World Record of Biggest Car Tower (10meter high).

Folk art chair n a bottle! How?

If it's real, I have so many questions!!

Really? But How?

How somebody suppose to use it??

Secure bicycle parking!!

Floating Stone!!

How they can manage this at this hight?

Going out on a limb here!!

Just a car on a 3rd floor balcony!!

Stacked up cars

Balancing act!!

How and from Where?

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