10+ Uncanny Angle Photos That Will Mess With Your Brain


One picture can be worth a thousand words. Unexplainable pictures taken at different angles often prove this statement wrong. These are pictures containing such timing, overlapping and positioning that it becomes a tedious task for the viewer to figure out what's happening. A simple switch of an angle changes the whole perspective of the photo.


You are lucky enough to have a photographer around you who can get the right shot with perfect timing. The outcome? Photos like these. We've compiled a collection of photos that will make your brain boggle.

  1. 1 Gravity what?!

  2. 2 Water wonderland

  3. 3 Hang in there fella

  4. 4 Only if Genghis Khan could see this..


  5. 5 Why are you special? Did you fall from the sky? Yes Ma'am.

  6. 6 Can't. Let. Go!

  7. 7 Keep going guys, nobody's noticing

  8. 8 Peter Parker, that you!?

  9. 9 Vertical world

  10. 10 Rescue the princess (Upside down edition)

  11. 11 She's a keeper

  12. 12 This is the most swagish underwater photograph you'll ever see

  13. 13 Weekend hangouts near the dead end

  14. 14 I feel sorry for that tree

  15. 15 Olympus is about to fall

  16. 16 Is that someone from the Walking Dead?

  17. 17 An Earth-Sky meetup

  18. 18 Tour de France (Level=God)

  19. 19 Anything in the paper about when our world is going back to normal?

  20. 20 Lonely in all dimensions


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