10 Types of Girls You See At The Gym


Do you think all girls visit a gym to be slim and fit? Not true. If you are a frequent visitor to a gym, you’d know the variety out there. Yet, there are some typical types of girls you’d bumped into almost all workout stations, no matter how different the fitness centres are to each other.  Here’ our list of 10 funny girls that give Deja wu feeling to any gym goers and make us all smile.  

  1. 1 Miss Fashionista

    The fashion cum fitness model who shows off her branded sports bras as much as her fit butts. Not like most of us, who wear the worn-out gym suits. Her sneakers alone cost more than our whole wardrobe.  

  2. 2 Miss Makeup

    The best friend of Miss Fashionista, this beauty queen appears to be visiting the health spa to get some male attraction. And no doubt, she gets that a lot. Because when it comes to workout, she makes sure the treadmill is not fast enough to break a sweat - can't afford to ruin her makeup.

  3. 3 The Gossip Girl

    As soon as you hear "don't tell anyone else..." you know exactly whom you are talking to - a gossip girl. Her tongue does the main workout and her mind is set more on connections and "who's with whom" than on machines. 

  4. 4 Selfie-Obsessed


    The Instagram model cares more about how she looks in pics than in real life. She doesn't care if it is a pulley or a bench, if it's close to the mirror, she'll use it for sure. And yes, that water spray bottle is a must to show-off the fake sexy sweat on her neck. 

  5. 5 Boyfriend Seekers

    Eyes here, eyes there, these boyfriend seekers are everywhere - also in gyms. With sexy clothes, these are usually found either around gossip girls getting info on who's single and who's not or close to their perceived-prince-charming [who might be busy eyeing the Miss Makeup].

  6. 6 Girl with Abs

    She's the one we secretly envy but never admit that on her face. She's the one betting with the guys on "who'll get the most sit-ups." She is fitness guru for all ladies out there.

  7. 7 The Texter

    No one knows why these texters bother to leave their bedrooms and visit a fitness centre. They can safely have this SMS chat in any chair around the house. But they do come, just to insult the abdomen bench treating it like a park bench - sitting there and sending messages. Nothing else. 

  8. 8 The "Minds her Own Business" Girl

    This girl has a clear purpose and she believes more in action than words. So she comes, sweats it out and leaves. She's not into talking and usually has a headphone - not because she loves music but because she hates talking.

  9. 9 The Complainer

    Machines stop working the moment a complainer touches them. The weighing scale refuses to move an inch below their starting weight. Dieting makes them sick. Exercise is like a bad relationship for them - they want to leave it but can't.

  10. 10 New Year Newbies

    What the most common New Year resolution we hear these days? A pledge to visit gym daily and eat healthily. And like every resolution, they are for a few weeks or a month at max. This newbies-crowd is to be seen in January only. As soon as you flip the February page on the calendar, their visits get less frequent and by March, they are gone to visit the gym again the next year.


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