10+ Times See Through Plastic Fashion Trend Went Too Far


Over the years, we have seen many weird fashion trends come and go. Wearing see through plastic is one such trend. Apart from being waterproof it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose. It’s neither trendy nor practical. And when people try to play around and improvise to add their own style to the plastic, it only makes it so much worse. 


It’s funny how people will jump on anything in the name of fashion. Listed in this post are more than 10 absurd see-through plastic outfits that are sure to make you laugh:

Girl of the 21st Century!!

Don't forget to wear something under this skirt

Rubies Mens BRUNO Clear Plastic Suit. LOL

Crazy Plastic!!


Hahaha..at least they're designer and waterproof!

Fluorescent Florals!!

Epic plastic dress!!

No privacy shirt!! LOL

If you love your knees, you'll love Clear Knee Mom Jeans!!

How anyone could even think of wearing this thing?


Plastic "Skirt"

Plastic "Biker Jacket"

This is one plastic "Fancy" dress!!

When you don't want to hide what you are wearing under your shirt!!

As clear as[s] day

Transparent top sneaker!!. Comments are welcome!!

To match your invisible jacket...if you can only remember where you left it !

We called them "Puddlers"

Feet steaming up like some snow crab legs

what-do-i-wear: Clear Studded Lust

This is so TACKY on all sorts of levels.. at least put some socks on...

Aaand here we go! TACKY shoes with socks

Nike Transparent Sneakers

It’s all about pedicures at any time of the year!

Invisible shoes!!

Kim Kardashian, patron saint of clear dressing.

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