10+ Times People Found Sleeping In Funny and Weird Places


What is the craziest place you fell asleep? Perhaps while drunk? Sometimes you just can’t help it – sleeping in a small airport lounge chair or at your desk in the office is probably ok. But you should probably try to get out of your toilet before you doze off. 


Check out these photos where people really lost the battle against sleep. From toilets, shopping carts to snoozing over your own fluffy chest these hilarious photos will make you happy that you are going to sleep in a nice comfy bed. 

Perfect place to sleep in peace!!

Drunk Sleeping In The Trunk

When teacher asks whose presenting Next!!

The Toilet Nap. LOL


Power nap in the Library!!

Dozing off in Public Transport

See Saw is a quite interesting place to sleep...

Afternoon nap in a shopping cart!!

Drunk Businessman Who Failed At Getting Home!!

who says you can't sleep comfortably on the subway?

This Security guard badly need her beauty sleep!!

So this girl fell asleep in my physics class...

I mean, really. Who cares about the position?

Hard Working doctors caught a sleep!!

The human ingenuity has no limits!!

What people feel like doing being hung over at work.

Seems like this woman is taking a power nap while playing...


Some people don't mind taking a nap wherever they feel like doing it

Secret Sleeping Place. LOL

An ingenious way to sleep comfortably. LOL

Hahaha... she's one awkward sleeper!!

Kim found Kanye & North passed out in the middle of the store

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