Meet Stunning Nyakim Gatwech Also Known As Queen Of Dark


Nyakim Gatwech is a Sudanese-American model who has taken the internet by storm. Due to her dark skin color, this stunning beauty has attracted 344k Instagram followers who love her unique skin and her body positivity message. 


The 24-year-old is also known as "Queen of Dark" and has previously told her fans about how an Uber driver suggested that she should try to "bleach" her skin, writing: "You won't believe the kind of questions I get and the kind of looks I get for having this skin." She shares her similar encounter with her fans. Someone wrote to her on Snapchat "Do you know if someone shoots you the bullet will come back and ask for a flashlight?" and her response was 'I guess I'm too damn beautiful I can never get shot even if someone tries to lol'. We agree! 

Black Excellence

I love how her skin made contrast with her colour !!

Nyakim Gatwech said, "Having this skin is a blessing is A bonus to my beauty and I wouldn't traded for anything in the world and I’m keep talking about it until my last breath"

So Freaking Gorgeous!!


Her skin contrasts so well with this colour!!

African queen!!

This girl is captivating !!

Black goes with everything!!

Black is beautiful in every shade!!

Damn! Check the glow on her skin!!

Those pants though!!

“Self-esteem means knowing you are the dream.” – Oprah Winfrey

WOW !!! Her skin colour is unique!! Perfectly amazing!!

Black beauty at its peak!!

Crazy lips!!

The darker the berry the sweetest!!

She rocks!!

Wow!! Stunning!!

Ebony princess!!

Gosh girl.... Please what products do she use to keep to her skin glowing?


Mellow yellow!!


Wearing Amazing Winta Design

That Glow!!

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder

This picture give me chills!!

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