10+ Signs That Thinks That We are the Biggest Fools on this Planet


Road signs are important in areas where it is unsafe to drive or areas which are exposed to certain dangers. As commuters and travelers we have made our peace with road signs but there are some signs in buildings that are just plain absurd. For example the sign that tells you to not breathe under water. How dumb do these people think we are? These signs really are a waste of space.
If you haven’t seen such signs then you are in for a treat. So scroll down below to see what we are talking about.

  1. 1 Do Not Enter

  2. 2 Thanks for reminding!

  3. 3 This is a stop sign!

  4. 4 This product contains peanuts!


  5. 5 Elevator is out of service, so please use Elevator.

  6. 6 Just 22 Miles! Absolutely nothing!

  7. 7 Super helpful hanger warning!

  8. 8 Okkkk!

  9. 9 Beware

  10. 10 New Jersey has the most practical highway signs

  11. 11 Choose one!

  12. 12 Thank You for Noticing this!

  13. 13 Don't pee on plastic bag...

  14. 14 Garbage Only No Trash! Really?

  15. 15 Fish crap water!

  16. 16 What they think that people don't how to wear their underpants?

  17. 17 ... and will remain opened until closing time.

  18. 18 Balcony is not on a ground level!

  19. 19 Just in case anyone wasn't sure.

  20. 20 Hot Fire!


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