10+ Regrettable Pinterest Beauty Fails

  1. 1 Almost there!

  2. 2 Tried Leopard Eyeshadow but looks like Contagious eye infection!

  3. 3 The promise of a swirled/marbled manicure has swindled many a Pinterester. When will the madness end???

  4. 4 A Pinterest fail of a girl who attempted to do Pop Art makeup for Halloween


  5. 5 I thought nail polish is just for nails.

  6. 6 That's just a french braid, these aren't that hard

  7. 7 One of the most hilarious attempts. LOL

  8. 8 Honey, just go ahead and eat those off.

  9. 9 Curly Hair Fail

  10. 10 Modern sophistication at its finest. Pinterest hair, why you so impossible?

  11. 11 Nailed it!!

  12. 12 These ARE certainly colorful, at least.

  13. 13 This Kool-Aid lip stain may taste good, but in reality, it looks like an inflammation of the skin.

  14. 14 Good attempt!!

  15. 15 The Pinstrosity!

  16. 16 Straight hair with milk!!

  17. 17 That's not quite what was planned ...

  18. 18 Wrong attempt!!

  19. 19 This one didn't even bother with the proper colors of the USA. BLACK FLAG FOREVER

  20. 20 Pretty close!

  21. 21 Colorful and messy Nail Design

  22. 22 The glittery smoked eye. Close Enough!


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