10+ Funny Photos Of Men Who Went Shopping With Women


Whether you are a man or a woman, getting dragged to a store where you have no business can be excruciating. Although, we don’t mostly see women hanging around at stores, waiting for their guy. But it has become all too common to see a guy fiddling with his phone or mindlessly following his partner at a store which clearly signifies that he is in losing his patience being there. 


So, we have compiled these photos which are a clear depiction of the fact that man hate to shop! 

Bored man went to sleep!!

Wipe those tears and just accept it. You're done. This is your life now.

Seems like he's sitting there for ages!! LOL

When you nothing today!!


Shopping with bae!!

Only men can understand this situation!!

Give Him A Break woman!!

Out of carrying places!! LOL

Big Sale. Exciting Sale. Best Sale Ever. All men probably hate sales!!

The Scream

Seriously? Are you looking for more stuff??

Miserable men community!! LOL

In his mind, he's driving home. LOL

What's wrong, Kanye? Kim taking too long?

The Plight of Man!!

At that moment this dude knew he goofed.


Why this one makes me laugh so hard? LOL

That guy is a stone cold miserable man.

Just a dude waitin' on his chick.

I am never gonna come back again!!

Irony of fate! LOL

Another miserable man!!

Any words of condolence for this man?

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