10+ Perfectly Taken Photos Right Before The Disaster Strikes


Everyone has experienced some type of disaster in his or her life. May it be dropping a birthday cake, or a really severe disaster; there is a very wide spectrum of disasters in life. But none of them are close to the disasters captured with perfect precision in this post!


It’s almost cruel to find some of the pictures here funny, but we can’t help but release a chuckle! Each picture is a mixture of various emotions, ranging from laughing and cringing, to feeling a bit sad. Also, kudos to the photographer for capturing these images at the exact moment! 

Aaand the disaster strikes...

A Selfie with duck!! LOL

The disaster was what she did to him when she got up.

That moment the goat rushed head first


Woman before she realizes she is falling

He just really wanted some diet coke, and he got it

This is for giving me that bath yesterday! Hahahaha... naughty pup, LOL

Wedding crashing.

A second before disaster

Old school skating disaster

Right before impact

Her face says it all!!

Oh, snap!


I think he is a little too low to be pulling tricks like that

Don't worry! Grandma will save you

I bet he'll be more careful from now on. Nothing beats experience through 'Hard Knocks'. 😀

Would love to see a pic a few seconds later!!

The calm before the storm

That would hurt

Just some concerned juniors ensuring seniors had a bath before the snap.

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