10+ Photos Proves That Taking Kids To Shopping is Not a Good Idea


If you're a parent or even an elder sibling, you must be relating to the title! Kids are adorable and cute, but they can also be a pain while shopping.


Still don't believe us?  The photos featured in this post proves that taking kids to shopping is not a good idea! Just scroll below

  1. 1 At least the clothes are strewn about in an organized fashion!!

  2. 2 Time out for no reason. LOL!!

  3. 3 If you let your children do this, then fuck you!!

  4. 4 Too lazy to hold the cup


  5. 5 They think this is cinema!!

  6. 6 She'll never sleep at home, but the second you put her in a shopping cart!!

  7. 7 This is what I turned around to after searching for frozen veggies!!

  8. 8 twin little angels ---- busy dad !!

  9. 9 The most embarrassing thing....bra shopping with Mom!!

  10. 10 And then they start to seek support from anyone who is ready to give them a hand!!

  11. 11 An expression of pain and suffering ,only missing the plate written 'HELP'!!

  12. 12 Your worst nightmare: your mom who has an endless conversation!!

  13. 13 They always get any place for rest!!

  14. 14 Only in walmart!!

  15. 15 I saw a kid dying of boredom in the mall today!!

  16. 16 What could be funnier than scaring your parents to death with your masking abilities?

  17. 17 ’m sure he thought they were like finger paints and had no idea how naughty they were being!!

  18. 18 These kids have no interest in shopping!!

  19. 19 What? Now she stopped to talk to someone!!

  20. 20 What happens when grocery shopping with Uncle and Grampa!!


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