10+ Of The Most Funny People Who Followed the Instructions Too Literally


Road signs cautions and other instructions on packaging relay heavily on common sense. For example "Do not open with a sharp object" does not mean you have to have a hammer to open it.  


Some folks have tried suspending the common sense and using the sense of humor by following these instructions literally and shared photos on interwebs. We have compiled a list of some of the most hilariously literal people, enjoy

Smoking area

Well That's Something

When you ask for a half pint in Ireland they take it literally

It's not a knife..


It's not very healthy for me but I guess I don't have a choice.

ok, but I don't think it'll work

Well, If You Say So

So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on two pieces of lettuce..

Whatever You Say

Pizza AND Cookies not Cookie Pizza

Plant Cell...! No Problem

When you take the instruction too literally!!

I don't see why they stopped traffic for us to do this.

One of Us

My wife asked me to put the dinner in the oven at 120 degrees.....took some doing, but managed it.

3 hours later...LOL

I gave my wife a ring with a big stone ... As requested

Unicyclist gets it...

Following the law!!

Where Should I Pay?

Well.... Ok!!

Directions were to 'draw hands on the clocks'...

When you ask your husband to put spaghetti on the stove...

Oh the irony!!

If You Insist

Husband takes grocery shop note a BIT too literally...


I think he/she meant real "Actual" sprinkles....

My Pleasure!

Signs can be confusing.

Please fall in line. LOL!!

A tight squeeze, but I'll do my best!

Just following instructions

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