This Dad’s Trolling His Daughter Will Make Your Day


Being a parent of a teenage daughter is no walk in the park. Every parent who has teenagers will tell you this. Not only parent, anybody who has to deal with teenagers have a really hard time. 

Teenagers are a special group of people, as a group, they strive for individuality yet crave peer acceptance. They act like they know everything and yet lack much experience. They feel invincible and yet are often insecure. In the age of Instagram and social media, they have even harder time to establish their individuality they will do anything to be seen. 

When Cassie started posting racy photos on Instagram, Father Chris Burr Martin, came up with an ingenious solution. He started posting a side by side recreation of his daughter's photos in order to troll and shame her. The story went viral and people have been loving his funny photos on Instagram. More recently, hilarious turn of event, he has now over 150K Instagram followers which are more than twice the amount of follower his daughter has. Burn!


More info: Instagram (h/t)



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