10+ Photo Proving That Engineers Have Solution To All The Problems


This is what we call a reliable fixing. LOL

Mirror wiper broken off?? Here's the solution...

Probably because people keep stealing the soap!!

Just in case your hands got tired


Being resourceful!!!

Quick Airplane repair...

So this is how engineers fix shower...

Left side mirror broken off? No problem!

I guess that is one cheap and quick way to fix a bike

The light of a building's elevator has been broken... and the management's finally fixed it!

When you break a plate and wants to hide it from your mum....

Hey Jim... want to come over on Sunday and help me trim the hedges? Sure thing Bob, I will bring my lawnmower. LOL

Not the worst way to hold up a graphics card. This is hilariously brilliant!!

That's one way to fix your headlight...

Another way to fix your headlight...print out a headlight...

Gf broke the water filter, so I "strawed" it. Nailed it!!

Trust Me, I'm An Engineer


Don't have the money to fix it? IMPROVISE!

Our blender broke, time to improvise. Creative though!!!

A creative solution when a control knob broke off in the car...

DIY level: 9000. LOL

Hmm what could I use to hold these cables together... Well they're the size of Lego hands probably, I'll go grab one.... Ok problem solved.

Never drop a book on the bath again...

Desperate times..

If Your roommate punched a hole in the door...don't worry...this is how you can fix it

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