20 of The Most Funny Realities Of Parenthood


Raising a child is full of surprises especially for the first time. When a couple starts planning for their first baby, most of their friends who are already a parent would just say thing like my life has changed and I am a better person and my kid is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Which is all true but it’s not the whole truth, they might avoid talking about the restless, sleepless nights and constant unavoidable exhaustion that comes with being a parent. 


But we will tell you the other side of being a parent with these funny photos that can explain much better than words how difficult it is to become a parent. If you are a parent, you can relate to these photos and if you are planning to become one in near future, you have been warned! 

All he want is a peaceful sleep!!

Portable bed

Napping is more important than food if you are a parent

Can't run away!!


Still feeling fresh

Please not again!!

Hard working father

Someone clean it up ... Please!!

Multi Tasking

So they are in doctor's office

I don't know how this just happened but she's sleeping and I am going with it


Tired parents "Zzzzzz"

I told my wife to take a long nap and I'd watch the baby....a couple hrs later she took this pic. Ooops!

When playing is also very important!!

Who's next?

Give me some space

Thug Life

Worked really hard!!

Let me go please!!


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