10+ Perfectly Timed Photos of Animals


Following are some of the most hilarious and perfectly timed photos of animals which are bound to make you laugh out loud.  The pictures contain rare scenarios, which we are thankful to the photographer for capturing them!


Enjoy the compiled list below and don’t forget to share with all the animal lovers you know!

  1. 1 Yikes! I just saw a mouse

  2. 2 Penguin’s Final Moments Before Being Eaten by a Leopard Seal

  3. 3 Just little more, Almost there...

  4. 4 “There you go… get in there.”


  5. 5 I'll not let you go!

  6. 6 Sorry GOD! I'll never do this again!

  7. 7 Love Birds!

  8. 8 How are you my buddies?

  9. 9 Cheap ride!

  10. 10 Shut up!!

  11. 11 I got better wings then yours!

  12. 12 Say goodbye to your friends!

  13. 13 Time to settle the score!

  14. 14 Hi Guys!

  15. 15 Hold on for a minute. Help is on the way!

  16. 16 I can't touch you!

  17. 17 Thank God I Brought my umbrella!

  18. 18 Trying to balance on this thing!

  19. 19 This is my calm face!

  20. 20 Hug Time!!

  21. 21 Top view

  22. 22 I hate getting wet!

  23. 23 A Beluga Whale trying to eat a baby

  24. 24 Two tigers playing in the snow.

  25. 25 This Forest dragon lizard strumming a few chords!

  26. 26 Bird shot at the perfect moment…

  27. 27 Best buddies.

  28. 28 The High Fiving Bro-Shark

  29. 29 I got this one guys!

  30. 30 You can't go any farther! It's my Territory!

  31. 31 Hahahahaha!!! Lolru


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