32 People With Extraordinary Sense of Humour


We all want to laugh out loud and remove all the stress and pressures of modern day times off our shoulders. We all love those people who have a knack of somehow changing our gloomy moods into cheerful ones by making us laugh. These people, who have an amazing sense of humor, are almost always liked by everybody in their social circle as they keep the mood light where ever they go.


Listed below are 32 photos of epic funny moments created by those people who have a superb sense of humor. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 ma grans pure hangin!

  2. 2 Gonna request a refund.

  3. 3 I was having bad day and asked my friend to cheer me up, she send this to me!

  4. 4 When your kids ask how they were born, you can show them this...


  5. 5 A coworker put this on my Keurig.

  6. 6 My girlfriend got me a mousepad with my favourite picture of her on it

  7. 7 He has a good sense of humour....

  8. 8 Totally Geeky or Completely Crazy? The Privacy Scarf!

  9. 9 I give you all my chemistry teacher

  10. 10 Here we see the mother and child posing with the father after his time in labor! LOL

  11. 11 Two webbed toes. One great sense of humour!

  12. 12 A baby bed inspired by the film "Jaws" made by an uncle with good sense of humour!

  13. 13 My buddy has a good sense of humour

  14. 14 This husband left his wife a present in the bathroom!

  15. 15 Probably the best tattoo. Probably ever.

  16. 16 This guy brought his microwave to school to avoid waiting in line for one at lunch! Genius or Funny?


  17. 17 Someone has the right idea!

  18. 18 Got my dad cushions with my face on them as a joke present, turned out creepier than expected

  19. 19 Best water bottle at the gym!

  20. 20 My Dad makes my step mom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record breaking low temperatures

  21. 21 Somebody ask this women to “cover up” while feeding her baby, so she did.....

  22. 22 This is what my dad gifted me on my wedding anniversary

  23. 23 Artist Dad.

  24. 24 Who says Germans have no sense of humour?

  25. 25 Somebody give the person who designed this a medal

  26. 26 I never slept in class!!

  27. 27 Cheap boneless chickens!

  28. 28 A pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Skittles isn't a fan.

  29. 29 This doctor goes to work like this. Yes, he's a children's dentist!

  30. 30 And best sense of humour of the year goes to...

  31. 31 Pleasing is what Yoda feels like

  32. 32 Try it out?


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