27 People Who Are Having A Very Bad Day


Let’s face it, we all have bad days when things keep getting worst one after the other. When you want to look up and scream why me? Well you are not alone, here are some of our fellow humans who are having a really really bad day.


Scroll down to check out those worst moments and let us know in the comment below if any of these has happened to you. 

Automobile Design Fail or Technology Fail??

Yeah....he really messed up this time!

On the positive side she can walk through grass without sinking now.

Look at the ceiling


Great way to start the day this morning

So you think you're having a bad day?

The Most Heartbreaking Things That Have Ever Happened

oh oh!! I am feeling bad for her

Glass doors should really come with warning signs.

Getting your head stuck in a bus door... must suck really bad.

Feeling bad for the person who bought a Mac

Reproduce Titanic’s most romantic scene but…Ouch! Not so romantic!

Worse day for Whom, Girlfriend or boyfriend?

Bad Lock, I mean Luck.

Because dinner is RUINED.

Did someone crash right through the house, into the pool?

Life can be cruel sometimes!!

Somehow, somewhere...

Quick! she needs help! get the lube!

This day has truly gone down the toilet!!

When a Car Goes Through a Puddle and someone standing close to it!!

Only Realised They Were There After The Flash

Oh No

A Porcupine Fell From A Tree And Fell On Her Head. The Apex Of Unluckiness

Well, Sh*t

Wore A Shoelace As A Belt For Work Today Out Of Desperation. Now The Office Thinks I'm The "Thong Guy"

So This Happened


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