26 People Who are Acting Like Real Jerks


Some people can seriously get on our last nerve without even trying. They’re just complete assholes who exist to please themselves at the expense of others. We’ve all had our experiences with jerks during high school, grocery shopping or even at the airport. They really make you want to kick them in the nut, but most of the time we’re forced to endure them. They’re left free to wreak havoc in all their glory. 

What's worse? Not all jerks are strangers, we all have plenty of jerks in our friends and family too. They’re even harder to put up with because god knows why, but we love them!


Listed in this post are 26 jerks who really show you what is really wrong in this world. 

  1. 1 A good reason to wash your fruits

  2. 2 My roomie is feeling a little blue today.

  3. 3 Coming back from vacation, And.....

  4. 4 This horrible scene is actually just a prank!


  5. 5 Web! Spool the web around the perimeter of the thread.

  6. 6 My roommate is an a**hole.

  7. 7 This driver is a Real Jerk

  8. 8 What the....

  9. 9 Man dumps his food into the isle after he ate what he wants!

  10. 10 Steven is at it again...

  11. 11 Hmmm

  12. 12 When you come back from vacation, and your friends play a prank on you!

  13. 13 Trying to do anything while dissociating!

  14. 14 This is how a table left the tip for one of my servers.

  15. 15 Who TF did this!?

  16. 16 A whole new level of a**hole parking!

  17. 17 If it fits, I ships!

  18. 18 The messy shoppers who leave dressing rooms like Katrina left New Orleans.

  19. 19 Done by Jerks!

  20. 20 The douchebaggiest thing to do.

  21. 21 WTF!

  22. 22 You lazy jerks!

  23. 23 Jerks who waste food before they even buy it.

  24. 24 Have fun cleaning up!

  25. 25 Ooops!

  26. 26 You board your flight and get to your seat and see this.... WHAT YOU GONNA DO?


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