10+ of the Most Weird People Ever Spotted in Walmart


Let’s face it we’re all a little creepy and weird inside, however there are some people whose creepiness and weirdness occasionally comes out and most of the times it can be pretty hilarious for other people around them. What’s cool in their own kind of way is that these people don’t care what others think about them and they remain the way they are wherever they go.


Listed below are some of the pictures of these cool weirdoes who were spotted at Walmart. The frequency of people is pretty high at Walmart as it’s a popular store. So high five to these weirdoes for not caring about what other people think about them. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Sno ball come to life. LOL

  2. 2 Quick! Someone call animal control! There's a wild fox on the loose!

  3. 3 Cry Baby

  4. 4 Where D Heck Is The Kid Standing


  5. 5 They have spent years of their life!!

  6. 6 She need some makeup tips...

  7. 7 This lady could easily stab you just by walking around, so keep your distance!!

  8. 8 Weird leapord man!!

  9. 9 Nice try but you are doing it wrong!!

  10. 10 I have another question, Mr. Where did you buy those shoes?

  11. 11 Where's my cigarette?

  12. 12 Boy or a girl!!

  13. 13 Cool hairstyle!

  14. 14 I think her corsage sets off the ensemble quite well!

  15. 15 What everyone wants is comfortable walking around, but it seems like there are people who take it to the letter.

  16. 16 We gotta give credit to these ladies for sporting such a shameless sense of fashion

  17. 17 The Old Man and His Bizarre Neck Hair!!

  18. 18 Style is not something that everyone has, but still good that it does not matter with the standards of society.

  19. 19 It seems we found here a fan of the United States of America.

  20. 20 This could happen only in walmart

  21. 21 Basic look of the day to go shopping!

  22. 22 Why do people like to wear other pieces of clothing on their pants?

  23. 23 Creepy person!!

  24. 24 Ten Fingers

  25. 25 Real life Rapunzel!

  26. 26 Hoofing and Horsing Around at Walmart

  27. 27 80's lips

  28. 28 New Uber service at Walmart

  29. 29 Nom Nom Nom!

  30. 30 Dress pants....


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