25 Funniest Grocery Store Signs Written By Most Creative Souls


You will find some of the finest marketing examples in this post. Examples which are not only useful but are also bound to make you laugh or smile too! It’s nice to see that creativity can found be anywhere and everywhere!


Enjoy the funniest grocery store signs created by creative souls!

  1. 1 A film that increases the sale of potatoes from 2015

  2. 2 My itchy, red eyes and runny nose say "Screw you Whole Foods!"

  3. 3 Invisibility Cloaks! Cool!

  4. 4 Sweet dreams are made of cheese? Never knew that before!


  5. 5 Snake Made Of Ground Beef

  6. 6 Well played the English Language.

  7. 7 You'd end up buying an empty can or six once you check out.

  8. 8 Literally!

  9. 9 Hot ice...

  10. 10 Snowfall Carrot = Snowman Nose

  11. 11 A display so awesome you'd hesitate to buy and remove one

  12. 12 Lemons are "Perfect" for orange juice! Didn't know that!

  13. 13 Nice dress!

  14. 14 Dragon Fruit! LOL

  15. 15 Yup Mega Man Ground Meat

  16. 16 Please don't squeeze me 'till I'm yours

  17. 17 Surprise her, with knife...

  18. 18 Pick me I'm single! LOL

  19. 19 Bad move?

  20. 20 That moment when you find the perfect avocado in the supermarket

  21. 21 Why pay $10 for a BBQ chicken? Pay $9.88. "Great Deal"

  22. 22 And some good metaphors.

  23. 23 Which one do you prefer to buy?

  24. 24 Literally Unbeatable Price!

  25. 25 I had no idea you could juice a cow!


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