10+ of the Funniest Facial Expressions of Olympic Athletes Captured on Camera


Have you ever had your picture taken while in the middle of some sports or exercise? If so, then you know how embarrassing and hilarious it can be at the same time! These Olympic athletes faced the same situation!


Even though we shouldn’t laugh, we can’t help it. It’s all in good fun of course, as the athletes themselves must have laughed at their pictures. Enjoy the compiled list below featuring the funniest facial expressions of Olympic Athletes! 

  1. 1 This one is so funny!!

  2. 2 Funny and Painful Sport Moments!!

  3. 3 When the right moment comes into the hands of a photographer!!

  4. 4 I bet she's famous for this pic


  5. 5 This is what it looks like when you throw shot put!!

  6. 6 The New Best Olympic Derp Faces!!

  7. 7 Drawback of long hairs!!

  8. 8 when you realize you are using data not wifi!!

  9. 9 Embarrassing Moments in sport!!

  10. 10 I think his short is too lose !!

  11. 11 Best timed picture ever!!

  12. 12 Baseball pitcher with rubber arm!

  13. 13 Nailed it !!!

  14. 14 Ouch! That hurts!

  15. 15 Perfect timing !!

  16. 16 Funny Faces of the 2012 Olympic!!

  17. 17 Funny Photo Of Sportsman Taken At Worst Time!!

  18. 18 Hilarious!!

  19. 19 Majestic Ice Skating!!

  20. 20 He look like he is trying to hold his fart..


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