10+ of The Funniest Christmas Gifts Ever


This Little Girl Asked For Frozen Gifts This Christmas

In My Family Its Not About The Gift, Its How You Wrap It

"Shirtception" - My Favorite Christmas Gift Every Year From My Brother. Right Now We're At Level 3

My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesn't Like Being Challenged


My Husband Always Got Colored Pencils For His Birthday And Christmas Growing Up And He Hates Them Cause He’s Colorblind. He’s Wanted An Iphone Forever So Today I Bought Him One And This Is How I Wrapped It

My Friend Asked Her Parents For A 6ft Teddy Bear For Christmas. Today She Got This

Zip Ties And Definitely Worth It!

My Dad, An Electrician, Asked For A New Wire Stripper For Christmas. So I Made Him This

My Girlfriend Has Problems Opening Gifts Early.

Dad's An .....

I’m 24 And Still Living With My Parents. This Is What I Got For Christmas

My Brother Is In A Wheelchair. This Is What He Got For Xmas

Son Wanted Beats For Christmas. I Delivered

My Wife Wanted Jewelry For Christmas... Don't Think She'll Be Too Happy

The Only Thing My Dad Asked For For Christmas Was "Creative Shit From Daughter", So She Gave Him This

My Sister Loves Her New Gift. You Can Really See It In Her Face.

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