10+ Most Innovative and Chucklesome Escalator Advertisement


Want to see another marketing marvel? You’ve come to the right place. Not only is this marketing strategy creative, but it’s also 10 times more effective and is bound to get more views and reactions! And why wouldn’t it? After all, this marketing is done in the most vital part of the mall!


What strategy are we talking about? Just scroll down and see for yourself some of the most innovative and chucklesome escalator advertisement!

  1. 1 How hard it would be to step down from this Escalator?

  2. 2 Pizza Escalator Advertisement Escalator in front of the Pizza Kingdom restaurant was creatively used to advertise their new pizza with more cheese.

  3. 3 In your face Simpson! LOL

  4. 4 Ad to encourage young people to switch to use reusable bags


  5. 5 Roller Coaster Escalator

  6. 6 Want to play Pacman?

  7. 7 Pantene Smooth and Silky touch escalator

  8. 8 Endless Apps Escalator

  9. 9 Have a break, have a kitkat!

  10. 10 Stabilo Boss "Straight to the point", Brilliant idea!

  11. 11 Great idea, Great use of ambience. love it

  12. 12 Can't get enough of it!

  13. 13 Craftsman Escalator!

  14. 14 Hopi hari

  15. 15 Escalator Graphic! Spooky!

  16. 16 World Tour Escalator!

  17. 17 Neverending library Escalator!

  18. 18 Best way to teach Escalator Etiquettes.

  19. 19 Duracell Longlasting Escalator!

  20. 20 Rapunzel guerilla marketing

  21. 21 Yummy Doritos, escalator integration...


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