10+ Insane Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


Can’t believe what you’re seeing? Think it’s fake? Well look closely! Those pictures are very much original! They’re just captured at a weird angle at the wrong time, presenting you with a mind blowing illusion! 


Illusions are addictive, and even though you get a (awesome) headache by looking at them, you just can’t stop! Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. This could be our guilty little pleasure! Keep on reading to find out the wonderfully weird and mind boggling illusions, courtesy of BemeThis! Beware, you’ll sure be staring at the pictures for a long time, before actually understanding them. And when you finally do understand, we guarantee it will put a smile on your face!

Floating lady

Guess! Who's holding who?

Dynamo, eat your heart out

Cool hairdo


This just broke my brain

Look again!

A bird with nine legs

A woman with zebra bottom. LOL

This will blow your mind in first look

A tiny horse is coming out of "Giant" horse's mouth

No No! She's not naked

Sliding over the surface of water! Looks fun

It's not what you are thinking

I am not sure whats going on in here

Oh No! Actually he is fine.

A dog wearing a human body. LOL

I spot an owl in this coffee mug

A woman on a flying board

Shocking... Not actually!

I eat soldiers for breakfast

Take your time....

Again not what you are thinking

A reindeer with humongous horns

Spoiler alert! She does not have a very hairy armpit...

Seems like this dog's tongue is about to fell out

Floating boat

And that's what we call hilarious optical illusion

Get your mind out of gutter.. this is a sweet honeymoon photo

That's weird

Who's hugging who?

Obama holding the sun and monitoring it

Bonus: There are animals hidden in this picture, how many can you spot? Write in the comments


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