These 10+ Images Shows How Squirrels Are Celebrating Halloween


Ever wonder how squirrels celebrates Halloween, well! Wonder No More. Some months ago a very talented nature photographer Geert Weggen started searching for Halloween props. He was lucky to find some good props in the right size. This part of finding props was a difficult quest and time consuming.

Geert is a Swedish/Dutch national and an internationally awarded nature photographer. He has worked extensively with wild squirrels and birds over the past several years.

He Said “I love the Halloween theme because the squirrel is often shown as sweet and loving. People find it sometimes hard to appreciate squirrel photos associated with death, skeletons, and skulls except for Halloween. If it was up to me Halloween could be celebrated more often, because it gives a lot of creativity and new funny ideas.”


Here are photos from 4 wild red squirrels who visit his garden almost daily, Scroll down to enjoy and don’t forget to tell us in the comments below which photo you like the most.



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