24 Top Secret Hiding Places You Need To Know


It is probably a good idea to save your valuable in a place where no one other then you can find it. We all know saving some money in your socks while you are on a holiday trip just to make sure if you lose your wallet or get robbed, you have some money to fall back on. Money is not the only thing you need to hide, sometimes you need to hide away something questionable to keep it from your parents as well. 


We have compiled a list of the top-secret hiding places where if you forget you hid something valuable(or shameful) there, even you won’t be able to find it. 

Belt with a zipper

Mommy Hack: Keeping Your Valuables Safe At The Beach

Hide your key underground


Potted Plant Secret Compartment

Old but useful

Hidden Chair Compartment

Perfect place to hide a key

Soda Pop Safe

Floating Shelf

Hidden Keyboard!! That's Clever!

Secret compartment shift knob

Cabinet Hidey-Hole

Shaving Can Safe (that Still Shoots Foam!)

Buried Treasure

False Bottom Secret Compartment

Cabinet Base

Shoe sole

Fake pipe line

Turn a scrap piece of wood into a secret Hide - A - Key place.

Books are always your best friends

More then just vitamin

Multi purpose cabinet

Bike Seat Secret Compartment/Survival Kit

Stick it with notes

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