30 Hilariously Cute Relationship Comics and You Will Recognise Your Relationship in These


Our real selves manifest around the people that we’re most comfortable with, especially with their significant other because when people are just starting their relationship they’re trying to be their best selves in an effort to impress their partner, however as their relationship grows stronger they become more comfy with each other and their masks come off revealing both the good and the embarrassing parts of their personality.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you felt completely comfortable to be crazy around your partner, you will love comics by Murrz studio because the artist draws comics that are highly relatable for many.  Murrz is an artist based in Los Angeles that depicts what it’s like to be in a relationship that you’re truly secure in.  She draws hilarious realities of relationships in which people are not afraid to be awkward and even disgusting in front of their companions.


Scroll on to see our compiled list of 30 most hilarious and cute comics from her collection. Enjoy peeps!

More info: murrzstudio

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  20. 20 Don’t make me smash them.

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  22. 22 EyYyyYyyy baybay!

  23. 23 Have you ever smelled so bad you offended yourself?

  24. 24 Observation skills.

  25. 25 You can lose weight from "oreothins" right?!

  26. 26

  27. 27 When you try ruining his stats

  28. 28 Does your boyfriend have the special ability to go into his "nothing box", where he can think of absolutely nothing?

  29. 29 I need the validation on a weekly basis.

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