10+ Hilarious Online Shopping Disasters That Will Put You Off Online Shopping Forever


Online shopping is very popular because first and most importantly, you get to avoid people, and secondly, the ease and comfort that comes with it! The only drawback? Sometimes (a lot of times), items that you purchase online, might not really be as they were advertised, or let’s just say far, far from it!


Almost everyone has experienced this heartbreak (not even exaggerating!), and while you might have cried at that time, you will find those disasters hilarious now! Take the hilarious shopping fails in this post for example. We guarantee that you will be laughing hysterically in no time! Watch it with family or friends, it just makes the whole experience ten times better!

Bad Knock-off. Not even close

Not even the same colour

The poor girl...This is terrible!!

I think this one claim to first prize in the "what in the hell?" category.


On the plus side, it looks like the pleats in the skirt were done properly. LOL

Oh dear, so much no

Even toys aren't safe from the online shopping nightmares

Maxi dress fail

Some kind of plastic, definitely not cotton!

One is Ariel and the other one is.....

Bride meets Big Bird..or more like crashes into him..yikes!

These shoes looked nothing like Yeezy Boots except the colour

When you think your getting a prom dress but...

Online shopping prob

You gotta stop shopping online girl

Cat woman wouldn't be caught dead in these!

There's false advertising, and then there are these online shopping fails.

Make sure not to order online

Disappointing but funny at the same time

Buying leggings online

Expectation – Reality


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