10+ Hilarious Office Photos Where Employees Have Awesome Sense of Humour


Different people have different ways to deal when boredom strikes. Some mope around, and some, well they create hilarious situations! In this case, we’re talking about Employees who have an awesome sense of humor.


This post might even give you ideas of what to do the next time when boredom strikes you!

  1. 1 I wanna be the protector of Mordor

  2. 2 Can't handle no infections right now

  3. 3 A project manager from our office is getting married, so we decorated a hard hat for her.

  4. 4 Programmer watching sanctuary


  5. 5 So this is my friend's new office. (Go ahead and use the restroom ma'am. I'm just going to be stapling a few things)

  6. 6 Mr Reddy. Our newest team member

  7. 7 A coworker put this on my Keurig.

  8. 8 If the eyes complete a full circle you’ve exceeded 7.0 on the Richter Scale.

  9. 9 Sir Barnaby looks like he had a tough night. And is related to Bill the Cat.

  10. 10 There's only one guy who works in my office so we changed the men's bathroom sign ...

  11. 11 The real teamwork!!

  12. 12 Office machinery nomenclature.

  13. 13 People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office.

  14. 14 Just another day at the office ...

  15. 15 Hilarious Notes Left By The Smart A*s In The Office

  16. 16 And finally, this accidental bathroom wall decoration.

  17. 17 Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

  18. 18 You know it's a slow day in the office when...

  19. 19 A keyboard from the BuzzFeed office.

  20. 20 Human Resources denied my standing desk request

  21. 21 I was the victim of a genius office prank.

  22. 22 Spotted in the washroom at work

  23. 23 My coworker keeps on placing his foot under our divider, so I added some googly eyes. lol

  24. 24 My hard drive is dying and my boss said to put it in the freezer... I don't trust my coworkers.

  25. 25 I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back. Thank you, co-workers.

  26. 26 My colleague keeps telling me to not use post-its for unnecessary things. This is what I did to his office.

  27. 27 I Took My Googly Eyes To Work And Decorated My Coworker’s Photos On His Desk

  28. 28 Someone in my office has the right idea

  29. 29 So I photocopied a picture of my face and put it in my office door window..

  30. 30 The are of faking a BIG surprise

  31. 31 There's only one guy who works in my office so we changed the men's bathroom sign

  32. 32 Stuff you only see in a dog-friendly office

  33. 33 Forever in the friend zone


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