25 Vain Life Hacks and Tips That We Would Never Recommend You To Use


Disclaimer: These life hacks are not for the faint of heart… or for anybody else for that matter. It’s astonishing to see how people come with these things, obviously they were being sarcastic! Or at least we hope they were…


It’s still fun to watch these fake hacks and laugh at them, so scroll way!

  1. 1 Combine bathroom breaks and lunch breaks to maximise the time efficiency

  2. 2 Cellotape as selfie stick

  3. 3 Have you ever been in a rush & couldn't find shoes? psssshhhh not a problem!!

  4. 4 Dress For The Weight You Want, Not The Weight You Have


  5. 5 No more tears in kitchen

  6. 6 Use a sharpie to retread tires.

  7. 7 Tear a strip off of plastic cups to make a convenient handle!

  8. 8 If You’re In A Rush In The Morning, Remember To Save Some Time By Having Breakfast Whilst Cleaning Your Teeth At The Same Time

  9. 9 Don't Throw Out Old Doll Heads. You Can Turn Them Into Handy Night Lights For Your Kids

  10. 10 A slice of red onion in your optical drive is an effective natural remedy for computer viruses.

  11. 11 Look more youthful and remove wrinkles by getting bitten by a rattlesnake.

  12. 12 How to Protect Your Personal Space On The Subway

  13. 13 Dark manicure!!

  14. 14 Use snakes to save your pasta

  15. 15 How to keep cake moist

  16. 16 When you're going to Cheebel, just put your finger through the hole to keep it steady and beautiful!

  17. 17 Prevent cancer by turning one cigarette upside-down as your "lucky smoke" and smoke it last.

  18. 18 Fill A Rubber Glove With Warm Water And Put It On Your Hand When You Feel Lonely

  19. 19 Not quite sure how that is going to taste, you never know though could be delicious.

  20. 20 Use frozen vegetables if the ice is out

  21. 21 Keys will never be lost.

  22. 22 Microwave your phone for 30 seconds to kill bacteria.

  23. 23 Simple easy way to lose weight fast, that is sitting on the toilet weight, you will find a lot of light.

  24. 24 Use a toilet seat as tray to put plate on while watching TV

  25. 25 LifeProTip when you're falling behind on chores.


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