10+ Hilarious DIYs By Most Creative and Genius People


We’ve all had hacks and ideas to make our work easier. While some of these hacks are successful, others are just a figment of our imagination.


However, lucky for us, the creative and genius people in this post used their wonderful minds to create hilarious YET funny DIYS. It might even get your creative juices flowing!

  1. 1 Ceiling-fans issues fix

  2. 2 Genius!!

  3. 3 We asked our landlord for a bigger table—he built us this

  4. 4 Hot Tub


  5. 5 Bear Mug

  6. 6 He's an engineer

  7. 7 I wonder how many plastic bottles did he use to make this boat!

  8. 8 OK! Wiper for Rain AND Broom for Dust

  9. 9 When you don't have any oven!

  10. 10 Loading car

  11. 11 No need for a grip handle

  12. 12 Perfume spray

  13. 13 Security issues

  14. 14 You had one job

  15. 15 High Tech self-cut system

  16. 16 DIY Shower. LOL

  17. 17 Time is money! Don't waste it...

  18. 18 Key of success

  19. 19 Perfect!

  20. 20 Toilet falling off wall

  21. 21 What will you call this?

  22. 22 Stick shift broke, had to improvise

  23. 23 DIY Sea-saw! Brilliant!

  24. 24 Thinking outside the box taken to another level.

  25. 25 Hillbilly headlights.


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