10 Hair Trends That Are Making 2018 Even More Stylish


2018 is a year of a lot of old hair trends coming back as well as going for more natural, organic and individual styles. This is the year to give your hair some much-needed break and to also experiment with your inner, unique style statement. 

Less dependency on electronic styling and more easily managed cuts, use of hair accessories, and showing off your true texture is what highlights this year’s most-in hair trends. If you live for individuality and aren’t afraid to experiment, 2018 and you will get along quite well.

  1. 1 Keep lovin' the curls!

  2. 2 Rounded-under styles

    Instead of straight or angular lines, try some curves this year. Like Margot Robbie in this picture, let your hair be rounded from under for a more 70s, 80s look that is quite the wave this year.

  3. 3 Wrap around a headscarf

    Want to look more glam? Pile up the hair on top of your head and wrap around a scarf to look instantly chic and high fashion. A headscarf, a silk, printed one or something more modern, whichever you want, will give your look a European feel, very Italian and very in-the-know. 

  4. 4 Grow out your Pixie


    You had your pixie cut and loved the look, now it is growing out and you are thinking of visitng the salon again. Well, take cue from Kristen Stewart and postpone the session. Growing out the pixie and enjoying a longer do is more in and looks extremely put-together and glamorous. Just put some product in and enjoy instant beach-waves that won't whip around your face.

  5. 5 The plait down the back

    For long hairs, braids and plaits are still continuing from 2017. In addition to cute braids and fishtails, simple plaits down the back are emerging as the new style statement. You can pair them up with some loose bangs on the front for a more laidback, feminine look, or simply pull all the hair back and style up the plait, your call.

  6. 6 The classic bob

    The bob is a classic hairstyle, and like all classics, it is not going anywhere soon. Because it is an extremely easy and versatile way to style your hair, it has always been a popular one. You can straighten it or wear it wavy. Make it medium length to have some fun with it or go to short and make your hair routine an quick one in the morning. The bob cut is here to stay.

  7. 7 The silver fox

    Silver color is a very edgy, very in and completely 2018 style. It instantly gives you a futurist and minimalistic look and you can totally use it to give yourself an instant transformation.

  8. 8 Polished updos

    Structured, polished updos like high buns are very red carpet and show off your features and look extremely styled. You can go for sleek high buns or pull a few strands out. You can also opt for a braided bun or tie a braid around the bun, there are many ways to do it stylishly. 

  9. 9 The real deal

    2018 is all about embracing the original. More and more women are ditching the electronic stylers and opting to manage their hair naturally. Air drying, using the rollers and simply using a little product while enjoying the original texture and look of the hair is all the rage. 

    Look closely and you'll see it on the celebrities too. The big, bouncy, flowy hair that screams no blowdryer was used and it's all natural. So ditch your straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers and enjoy some nice old rollers and let your hair flow.

  10. 10 The headband

    The headband is a making a very stylish comeback in 2018. And  you do not have to feel like a middle-schooler wearing them because the headband has gotten quite trend in the last couple of decades. Also, the way it can be paired with different looks and outfits is also amazingly versatile. From a regular day straight to red carpet, the headband can be your essential staple to different outfits without looking basic even once.


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