10+ Funny Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Modern architecture and skyscrapers aren’t very uncommon in this world. And while modern day buildings are breathtaking, they are normal in day to day life. This is probably why this post will leave you in hysterics!

We are so used to looking at perfect buildings and architecture, that the thought of absurd designs never even crossed our minds. After all, a whole team of engineers and architecture are behind the making one building. What could happen, right? Wrong! A lot could go in a very weird direction, leaving us to wonder how the builders even got to the point, when the design is not just bad or crooked, oh no, it is downright outrageous and mindboggling! Browse through the pictures BemeThis has brought to you and witness for yourself!


You had one job

Who thought up this design?

When the toilet sinks in the wall

Trapped on the escalator


The second floor is just for sleeping

Now they won't miss the train

ATM for dwarfs

Hidden camera. LOL

This bank’s clients are all gigantic

Don't think the owner of this hotel thought this through

Take a left and then bunnyhop to your destination

This window is about to fall

Wash your hands five times after. LOL

Wouldn't the world be a much better place if more people were able to think?

Am I supposed to waddle out a few times, or estimate how much toilet paper I will use?

The dental office is on the "2th" floor

How is this supposed to work??

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