10 + Everyday Examples of Pareidolia That Are Funny To Look At


Pareidolia is a term for seeing a pattern in random data. Cool right? We think so too! You can literally visualize any pattern in a random data. For example, when someone describes a cloud shaped as a horse, but your beautiful mind interprets the same thing as a dinosaur! Sky is the limit, when it comes to imagining something.


Some things, you imagine, but other things are just plain obvious. Which is what this post is about! This post is a compilation of very hilarious (and cute!) pictures related to pareidolia, which we think are a must watch!

Kind of a tinny sound, other than that it was a great concert. Bravo to Maestro Jack!

This egg looks like a scared ghost

Dude in martini has had too much to drink

This is just too good to be real, but I really like it anyway.


Surrender right there criminal scum, you've violated the law!

Everyone Calm Down!

Evil genius twins

This frozen pond looks like pac man

This suitcase looks really upset that it was left on the stairs

Happy chair chillin' on the patio

Fire Monster!!

Don't hurt me... don't hurt me...no no

A Happy Handbag. LOL

Now, that's something worth framing for all time

Those boxes are up to something...

If the Joker was a vegetable this would be him

This cinnamon roll looks like an anguished ET

whaaaat? says the dog

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

A surprisingly detailed face in water bottle

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