10+ Epic Regrettable Design Fails


Sometimes people who design the projects are drunk when they make the designs. The people executing the designs are drunk too, and the ones supervising and approving them are also drunk. At least that’s the only explanation that I can think of to justify these absurd design fails. 

Why would anyone invest so much money in something that’s so completely worthless? Imagine taking an escalator to a dead end. That’s just pathetic and somewhat hilarious. 


Listed in this post are more than 10 epic design fails that’ll really make you question the intellect of the designers, the builders and the QA team alike:

  1. 1 They can see you, but you can't...

  2. 2 High Privacy Standards!

  3. 3 A special seat for people without legs!

  4. 4 Sure!!


  5. 5 Lol, imagine that escalator on a busy day

  6. 6 Absurd mistake!

  7. 7 No Safety, Smoking First. Ok!

  8. 8 PooProfessor. LOL

  9. 9 "NOT" alone!

  10. 10 Only Shotgun Allowed

  11. 11 Emergency Exit!

  12. 12 Infinite Loop

  13. 13 But How??

  14. 14 Epic Sewage System!

  15. 15 Need Explanation!

  16. 16 I am going to "2th" floor from "1th" floor

  17. 17 Nike. No wait it's Adidas, not sure....

  18. 18 Hmmm... Might be a little cramped...

  19. 19 Take a left and then bunnyhop to your destination

  20. 20 Shower + Urinal

  21. 21 Nothing was ever successfully erased with this pencil!

  22. 22 Not exactly the colour pattern you like to see in a bathroom.

  23. 23 A slide that shoots off into a big gaping hole?

  24. 24 Its OK some people really like to do everything in pairs but whats up with the lids?

  25. 25 Phone holder?


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