10+ Epic Celebrity Photobombs That You Will Enjoy


We are so used to seeing pish posh celebrities, that it’comes a little bit as a shock when we see them engaging in silly and fun stuff. These photos of celebrity photobombs are epic and at the same time cute as hell!


Scroll down to see celebrity photobombs in case you missed it!

  1. 1 Jennifer Lawrence photobombing Taylor Swift

  2. 2 George Clooney photobombing Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford.

  3. 3 Donald Faison photobombing Tom Cruise.

  4. 4 Chris O'Dowd photobombing Laura Whitmore as only he could.


  5. 5 Will Wheaton got a good one in on Felicia Day.

  6. 6 Robert Pattinson photobombing Melissa Joan Hart and her friends.

  7. 7 The Rock can photobomb like a champ.

  8. 8 John Hamm photobombing January Jones and Kiernan Shipka

  9. 9 Simon Pegg photobombing a fan photo.

  10. 10 Justin Bieber looking normal for once photobombing Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

  11. 11 Tina Fey is so slick in her photobombing skills.

  12. 12 Chris Rock photobombing Rihanna.

  13. 13 Daniel Craig photobombing Taylor Swift and a friend.

  14. 14 Sacha Baron Cohen photobombing Kim Kardashian

  15. 15 Michael Cera photobombing in style.

  16. 16 Prince Harry getting his photobombing on.

  17. 17 Jared Leto photobombing Diane Kruger.

  18. 18 James Corden and Emma Stone photobombing her then boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

  19. 19 Alan Tudyk photobombing Bill Nye.

  20. 20 Jared Leto photobombing Anne Hathaway at the Oscars.


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