22 Food Disasters That Will Make You Laugh


Does this ever happen to you? You saw something amazing online which looks so delicious and the recipe seems so easy. You can’t wait to try it yourself. You wait for the weekend, get all the ingredients, all excited, you start to make it, you follow each step in the recipe as best as you can, but somehow, somewhere during the cooking, something goes horribly wrong. The food that looks awesome in the pictures, looks terrible in your kitchen. 

Well, this happens to the best of us. The results are totally opposite then what you expected. Before you realize that people who posted the recipe online are pros and have years of experience cooking it. You can’t help but laugh at your creation and the expectations you had a few hours ago. That is when you take a picture and post it online for everybody to laugh with you. We have compiled a list of such photos, grab your fork and jump in! 

Birthday Cake

Paint Splatter Cake

A Nice Birthday Cake


Devilled Egg Chicks

Elmo Fail

Homemade Smiley Face Fries

Rainbow Heart Cookies Surprise

Girlfriend’s Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Meh Turkeys

pinterestfail | pinterestfail


This Cute Monster Cake

I Would Never Attempt This Again


Brown Sugar Pecan Bears

Panda Cupcakes

A Peppa Pig Cake

Thanks Pinterest!

Please Kill Me

Santa Shaped Bread

So Close.... !

Ordered Cake

Very Yummy Cupcakes

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