10 Amazing Psychological Facts


Learning new things is like a healthy workout for the brain. In this day and age, we have come across amazing facts about different things in life. Today, let’s check out 10 interesting facts about the human brain which will both help you exercise your brain and also blow your mind.

  1. 1 Problematic Person is the best Adviser

    As astonishing as it is, psychology says that the person with a number of problems generally gives the best advice.

  2. 2 Long Lasting Friendships

    Psychologists claim that friendships borne between the ages of 16 to 24 are likely to be the strongest and long-lasting.

  3. 3 Do Scary, Feel Happy

    Although this fact is going to make you roll your eyes, but it is in fact true. After you have done the things that once scared you, you will feel happy.

  4. 4 Women’s Secret Keeping Power


    Psychology says that on average women can merely keep a secret for 47 hours and 15 minutes. So if you’re a woman who can’t keep a secret, don’t worry, most of us can’t.

  5. 5 Decisions are more Rational when...?

    When you think in another language instead of your native language, your decisions are likely to be more rational. So if you think you’re making a reckless decision, try thinking it in another language.

  6. 6 Comedians and Depression

    A research concluded that comedians are prone to depression, which is shocking because they make us laugh so hard.

  7. 7 Never Reveal your Goals

    Studies confirmed that when you announce your goals to others the chances of achieving them become less likely because you lose your motivation.

  8. 8 Never Trust Your Memory

    A research found that our memory can easily be manipulated and merely in 3 hours you can convince yourself that you have committed a crime in your teenage. This fact sounds dangerous as many of us can manipulate our memory in different ways which can bring jeopardy in our peaceful lives.

  9. 9 Be Happy and Spend More Money

    A study reveals that spending money on others makes us happy. Don’t you think it the best way to make yourself happy?

  10. 10 Rejection is Painful

    Scientist says that your brain treats rejection as physical pain. This is a gloomy fact which is definitely faced by many of us.


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