10+ Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


It’s human nature to love puzzles, mysteries and illusions. We all love a good laugh and a challenge, so when any of these turns up, we can’t help but figure them out. And trust me, nobody rests until they do! You have that queasy feeling to get to know the answer and it doesn’t goes away until we find one!


In this post, are many lovely optical illusions that we’re sure anybody would love to tackle and make sense of! May it be a kid, or an elder, it’s quite hard to make sense of them as soon as you lay eyes upon them! That’s just the beauty of optical illusions. It leaves even the sharpest eyes wondering. See for yourself, and enjoy! Warning! You might get a (wonderful) headache after you’re done with this post!

You can change the direction this train by concentrating... Try It

Its All About Perspective... Isn't It?

These are all moving at the exact same speed...we promise!

These are parallel lines...

It goes on and on and on...

Cover the middle and it becomes faster, cover the sides and it slows down

You can watch this for hours....It won't stop

Now this is mind bending...

Both sides have exactly the same colour... don't believe us? cover the middle with finger.

Focus on the little cross in the middle and witness the celebs turn into goofy monsters…

The star is floating... Isn't it? This is actually a still image, you mind is playing tricks.


Is the middle dancer spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? The answer is both.

A ship or an arch?

Leaves appear to flow or sway in unison as if caught in a light breeze

Bonus: Laura William's Amazing Mirror Illusion

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